Introducing Wellness Consultations

Our primary goal is to partner with you on your wellness journey. All wellness consultants are certified health coaches, so they are trained to provide guidance on supplementation, nutrition, fitness, and more. In your sessions, your wellness consultant will discuss your health history, your current goals, and how to help you achieve those using a holistic approach.

Before you start, have you heard of the Wellness+ membership?

Wellness+ is an exciting new program designed for us to partner with you on your wellness journey like never before. Not only do you get amazing perks while you shop, but you will have access to at least two free consultations a year. You will also receive 10% off any additional consultations after that.

Ready to get partnered with a Wellness Consultant?

In need of a Dietitian?

Nutrition World is dedicated to helping the Chattanooga community achieve optimal health and the main way is through correcting the diet. We are beyond excited to announce our dietitian services that will provide you guidance, resources, and accountability at a pace that is best for your health.

  • General Healthy Eating
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Heart Health
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Blood Sugar Management

Courtney McMahan, Registered Dietitian

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