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Weight Loss Clinic

Nutrition World is dedicated to helping the Chattanooga community achieve optimal health. Offering our clients a plan to reach and maintain a healthy weight is one of the many ways in which we do this. We are beyond excited to announce an individualized plan that allows you to manage your weight at your pace with the guidance of our Registered Dietitian, Courtney McMahan.

Our philosophy

Our diet philosophy is simple: almost all weight loss diets work. However, not all diets are sustainable or healthy. In our clinic, you won’t be put in a box and given a cookie cutter diet plan. Instead, you will be given a plan based on your nutritional needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Our dietitian will walk alongside you on your weight loss journey to offer support and guidance, and once you reach your weight loss goal, she will help you transition back to eating at a maintenance level. 

How it works

A unique diet for your unique needs

Too many diets these days take a one-size-fits-all approach. At our weight loss clinic, we will create a plan that makes sense for you: a plan that incorporates foods you enjoy, a plan that gives you enough energy for all of your activities, and a plan that provides easy-to-prepare recipe ideas that fit your busy schedule. 

When you’re ready to begin your weight loss journey, simply book your appointment and fill out our short weight loss questionnaire. Our dietitian will review your questionnaire before your appointment and will be prepared to work with you on creating your plan. Then, each week you will come in for your check in where we will modify your diet as necessary and monitor your weight, body fat, and muscle mass to ensure that you are maintaining muscle mass and losing body fat. 

What are the details

Our clinic is designed for everyone. From those who need to lose 10 stubborn pounds to those who need to take serious measures for their health. For the benefits of the clinic to be best used, we recommend joining the Wellness+ membership.

Initial consult ($50) and first month dues ($50) are collected at the first appointment. For Wellness+ members this is FREE!

Dieters will pay $50 monthly, this entitles them to up to four check ins and measurements with the dietitian each month. Access to other communication techniques will be available also.

Dieters can cancel at any time with zero fees. No refunds will be given though.

Click the link below to get started today!

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