Folks who visit nutrition shops are generally there searching for the most natural, holistic ways to treat their afflictions, ranging from trouble sleeping to anxiety.

Perhaps many expect to be pointed in the direction of a multivitamin or well-known herb, these are things those of us in the health supplement industry recommend a lot of. But in the past year and a half or so, I have increasingly been recommending hemp to help people balance their bodies’ homeostasis, which is the No.1 benefit it provides. Poor health is often the result of an imbalanced chemistry, and hemp is a natural solution to restoring the functions of the nervous and immune systems back to a healthy level. Of course, some people tend to recoil when hemp is suggested to them as a health supplement, because for years, the word has been used incorrectly to refer to or describe marijuana. It is true that hemp and marijuana are from the same family, but they are by no means the same. Hemp is like marijuana’s non psychoactive cousin. I’m often asked about the legality of hemp, given its relationship to marijuana, and the answer is that hemp lies in a legal gray area. Legislation regarding hemp is changing regularly during this time period, but I predict that within two to four years, hemp extracts will be given a full stamp of legal approval. As with any health product, vetting hemp’s authenticity is key. In the past two years, I’ve seen a huge surge in the number of companies offering hemp extract, yet I only have full confidence in a small number of these. “Buyer beware” is good advice—definitely consult a trusted health professional before purchasing. Because hemp is supposed to be absent THC—the component responsible for marijuana’s mind-altering effects—the margin for manufacturing error can be great if the THC isn’t properly extracted. (And even the smallest amount of THC can make you fail a drug test so you need to exercise caution when using hemp, regardless of how trustworthy your manufacturer.) Hemp has been used for thousands of years for materials, textiles and food products. But in the past few decades, almost all cannabinoids have been farmed out of our foods, so we aren’t ingesting them naturally anymore (the highest concentration of these magic molecules is actually found in mother’s milk). Yet its role in controlling/treating epilepsy, chronic pain, depression, heart health, anxiety and more is easily verifiable with a quick internet search. Hemp products are available in gummy bears, creams, vape pens, liquids and more, depending on a person’s preferred method of ingestion. The very best and strongest hemp costs about $150 an ounce. Given the range of issues hemp can naturally and safely treat, it’s a small price to pay. Poor health is often the result of an imbalanced chemistry, and hemp is a natural solution to restoring the functions of the nervous and immune systems back to a healthy level. Click To Tweet PubMed and are great places to start for you to decide for yourself whether hemp is a good treatment for your condition(s). Of course, you should also check with an informed health professional before taking any new supplement. I have witnessed firsthand the true potential of this powerful herb, and so I predict that the industry will grow exponentially for years to come. Because potent pharmaceuticals have become something to fear for many informed individuals because of their adverse side effects, I predict hemp will eventually replace some of these products because of its effectiveness and safety.

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Ed Jones has been the owner of Nutrition World since 1979. He is totally passionate in regard to his belief in the natural healing capacity of the human body. He has learned under and spent time with many respected experts in the holistic field. Ed received an extensive education in nutrition from the American Health Science University, A.A. from MTSU.

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