How to lose weight is one of the most commonly asked questions of me.

FatmouseI was recently invited to the television show “3 Plus You” on channel 3 to explain the potential of certain bacteria to assist in weight loss. The following picture speaks a thousand words. Pictured are identical twin mice. One mouse has healthy probiotics in its body. Its twin has none of the same bacteria. They have the same exact diet and are the same age. It is obvious how the probiotics completely changes the conversion of their food to create obesity.

Perlmutter-and-edI recently attended a lecture in Orlando where I was honored to hear Dr. Perlmutter speak on this exact topic. Dr. Perlmutter is a noted neurologist and author of “The Grain Brain”. He showed us photos of these mice and spoke of the power of maintaining proper bacteria in the body and how body weight may be strongly influenced by them. He eloquently explained that 90% of our brain chemistry is produced by the proper bacteria in our gut and 60% of our immune system relies on these same probiotics to keep us from getting sick. The reason we spend more money as a nation than any other country yet rank 37th in world health may have much to do with our lack of proper gut flora.

The American quick fix mentality is to eat yogurt and believe all is well, but that is an illusion. To achieve healthy metabolism, optimal immune system, and proper brain function requires 3 steps:

The American quick fix mentality is to eat yogurt and believe all is well, but that is an illusion. Click To Tweet

Firstly is aggressively implanting optimal probiotics. Secondly is feeding the bacteria. Lastly is significantly reducing the foods and liquids that are weakening and killing the probiotics. Implanting must be done with very high-quality probiotics that have the technology to preserve bacteria and allow it to pass through the acidity of the stomach unharmed.

Secondly, we must eat foods called prebiotics that nourish the bacteria in the same way that we would feed our fish in an aquarium. How long would your goldfish live if you just put them in the tank and never fed them? Ingesting good bacteria without feeding them is one reason most individuals may not receive benefits from probiotics. Some of the foods that nourish and maintain your healthy gut bacteria are the following:

  • Fiber (this nation consumes half of the fiber necessary for health)
  • Healthy unprocessed vegetables organically grown
  • Hemp fiber
  • Organically prepared green drinks

Lastly is significantly reducing the foods that we know weaken and possible remove our “tribe of friendly bacteria” Here are the killers of our healthy bacteria.

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Glyphosate (from roundup and on non-GMO foods)
  • Antibiotics prescribed
  • Antibiotics in meats
  • Antibiotics in non-filtered water
  • Artificial sweeteners (especially in cola’s)
  • Alcohol
  • Gluten
  • Chemical cleaners

probulinOne company I fully stand behind as to quality and effectiveness of a probiotic is Probulin. Probulin is developed by Dr. Jason Mitchell who I respect the most in the probiotic industry. The Probulin product, TrimSynergy, has a formula of the correct bacteria that supports weight management and helps support energy levels. TrimSynergy also has a very specialized carrier system to ensure passage through the strong acidity of the stomach. Taking TrimSynergy for 3 months has resulted in impressive results for many of our customers in not only weight management but increased health benefits.


Ed Jones has been the owner of Nutrition World since 1979. He is totally passionate in regard to his belief in the natural healing capacity of the human body. He has learned under and spent time with many respected experts in the holistic field. Ed received an extensive education in nutrition from the American Health Science University, A.A. from MTSU.

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