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When I walk into a huge hardware store I am clueless and overwhelmed as to what to choose  due to the massive variety and my inexperience in this area. I admit it may be equally daunting walking into Nutrition World and attempting to decide what to purchase as far as nutritional supplements and your health.

However, the observations and studies over my 40-year career have shown me that almost everyone should put together a base of four essential supplements in their daily regimen for their health to prosper. These would be comprised of the following supplements:

A top of the line quality multivitamin, omega 3 with no impurities, probiotics that are actually active, and organic greens in powder form.

Many individuals I have worked with over my career have witnessed the amazing value of daily supplementation of nutrients for the purpose of maintaining and improving their health. However, there also is a group of individuals that believe all nutrients should come solely from foods and they refuse to consider adding nutrition supplements into their daily life.

I do admit that if we lived in a pristine world where we harvested our foods locally, prepared them fresh and consumed a daily rainbow mixture of vegetables along with clean-sourced protein, no supplements would probably be needed. This is almost impossible due to cost and difficulty in today’s busy lifestyle. I have followed the health of tens of thousands of clients since 197,9 and I can without any doubt say that wise supplementation is a very cost effective insurance against declining health.

Consider this fact. We now have the science and ability to blood test our levels of nutrition and other functional medicine markers and the bottom line is this: Less than 25% of individuals have proper levels of Omega 3 or Vitamin D. Less than 40% of younger people have adequate levels.  The impact of low Omega 3 and Vitamin D levels over the years are devastating to brain function, cardiac health, triglycerides, and chronic inflammation. Keep in mind this is only checking two out of the over 40 nutrients in our system. For information on the subject of the devastation to your body living with low vitamin D levels click here. If you need to order blood work at discounted pricing you can go here.

Those who make a claim of a risk from consuming nutritional supplements are simply not fully informed. The nutritional supplement industry has the highest level of safety of any industry in the country. To read about the incredible safety record, click here, or to watch a 3 minute video that explains the comparison of drugs to vitamins in regard to safety click here.

The first product that I recommend in the Core 4 that is required is a quality multivitamin. The word “quality” is the game changer. The unwise choosing of a multivitamin will not actually harm you, but the downside is that it offers little or no health protection due to low potency and quality.

The second product of the Core 4 is Omega 3 fish oil capsules. The science is very clear that if the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 in our diet is not in a healthy range, inflammation is significantly increased. Chronic inflammation is the main root of almost all diseases that we do not desire. A healthy diet should contain a 2 to 1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3, however, most Americans have a 20 to 1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. Omega 6 is the primary instigator of inflammation in our chemistry, and that is a major reason for much pain as individuals get older.

Eating fish is not a reliable source of Omega 3 because the vast majority of fish sold today are farm raised. Don’t let anyone tell you that farm raised fish is superior because in most cases it is simply not providing the nutrition it should. Secondly, toxins that the fish accumulate being fed commercial feed in the very crowded waters create unhealthy fish which equates to low nutrition content. To read why farm raised salmon is a Toxic “Junk Food” click here.

Nutrition World has set the bar as high as is possible on Omega 3 products.  We demand all lab tests necessary to ensure the products we offer are tested for every heavy metal and contaminate to ensure safety. Lastly, we recommend molecular distilled types of Omega 3 opposed to Ethyl Ester forms which is the type most big box stores offer.

The third product of the Core 4 is a probiotic. Our bodies are actually intimately connected with trillions of cells that have simply taken up residence within us. These fall into three classifications: Health Giving, Neutral, and Damaging.

Some of us remember decades ago where kids that were born with zero immune systems were put into a completely sterile environment called a “bubble.” These kids had as few microbiome within them as possible as everything that could be killed as far as germs and foreign cells were eliminated. The results were that extreme poor health occurred in all because without our helping partners of probiotics we have very low immune systems and potentially very unbalanced brain chemistries. We mistakenly believed that removing germs would improve health but this has proved incorrect.

The field of probiotics has become very complex due to the doubling of knowledge in this area every 2 years. We now know that specific microbiome organisms accomplish different tasks including losing weight, preventing sore throat, UTI, yeast issues, etc. Nutrition World offers all top of the line quality brands with a staff educated to explain them.

A new company that is offering a state of the art stool testing of the gut flora, Viome, makes the following strong statement on their website in regard to the microbiome. “Imagine living in a world where illness is optional”. This, in my mind, is not an unreasonable goal if we can balance the internal environment within us to near perfection because our bodies are designed for health and self-healing and the closest component to the “fountain of youth” is quite possibly the microbiome.

The fourth and last component necessary in the Core 4 is a green drink. Colored vegetables are the backbone of so many areas of maintaining health in the human body. I always recommend fresh foods first, however, we all realize this is not always practical so the second best choice is greens powder. Green drink powders accomplish the following: lower acid conditions in the body by being alkaline, supply much needed antioxidants and phytochemicals for cellular protection, and opening detox channels such as P-450 system that reduces dangerous toxins and protects our chemistry from damage from unhealthy foods. The new fermented greens are my choice for a superior green powder as this creates a far more potent and digestible type of product. I caution everyone to do their homework on brands of green drinks that make claims of purity and potency. Nutrition World has had to refuse many brands of greens due to not meeting our stringent standards.

The greens Nutrition World has confidence in are Green Vibrance, Garden of Life, and Natural Factors. These are the ones we’ve chosen due to their top of the line formulas and quality.

I mix my greens powder in my morning protein shake that also contains organic coconut oil, organic blueberries, flax and chia fiber and whey protein. This is the perfect start for the day in regards to energy, weight control, nutrition, and it is so very quick.

I take far more supplements than probably necessary because this is my life and hobby, however, if I could only pick 4 supplements, these Core 4 would be it!

I strongly encourage everyone interested in maintaining superior health to consider these supplements for the preservation of your life, vitality, and longevity. Illness is now horribly expensive so this can actually be seen as a bargain in the long run.

May long life and health always be yours,

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