Unlocking mindful happiness: Your plan for reducing pain and creating an optimal life.

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Unlocking Mindful Happiness

by Ed Jones

I remember the moment I finished reading the book The Divided Mind by Dr. Sarno, and in a flash realized that I may have missed one of the most critical issues that influences health, pain, and disease in all living creatures.

Being a student of nutrition and holistic principles for almost four decades has taught me so many valuable lessons regarding health. I have actively utilized this knowledge to assist many others on the journey to be free of disease and pain. However, what I am about to tell you may prove to be the most influential force on your health compared to all other known factors yet does not actually involve nutrition or foods. The truth is that I missed it completely for years because I was not looking for it, but once I observed the results of this discovery, I was hooked and knew it was my responsibility to share it with others.

I have lived my entire life touting my confidence in the power of foods and nutrients to decrease disease and extend quality of life.  I will continue to hold firm in this solid belief because its validity and importance is undeniable. However, watching far too many individuals become unhealthy for no apparent reason over my four decades of counseling clients forced me to search for the missing link for an explanation.  Dr. Sarno revealed this information to me in his writings.

Dr. Sarno has spent 50 years practicing rehabilitative medicine at New York University Medical Center. He was one of the few visionary healers who looked where others were unable or unwilling and ventured into unchartered waters despite massive peer pressure telling him he was wrong.

To explain Dr. Sarno’s theories, I must first confess that I am 100% convinced our body speaks its own language in its attempt to communicate to our conscious mind.  Each cell has it’s own intelligence. The words it uses, since it does not have vocal cords, will be sensations, discomfort, and pain. This makes perfect sense from the perspective of history because for thousands of years we had to rely only on our pain sensations to prevent further injury if we were hurt.  However, what I have learned is that often these chronic issues of pain and disease have been hijacked for another purpose that has zero connection to assisting us in our healing and that involves our hidden emotions.

Dr. Sarno has thousands of case histories of patients where chronic pain and illness is forced into the body by what is known as “repressed emotions”. Don’t let the word “emotions” trigger you to stop reading this article because it feels like psycho babble! I can promise you that Dr. Sarno’s theories are very effective and credible. The crux of Dr. Sarno’s ideas revolve around the difficulty and pain of most living creatures to express unresolved emotions, anger, and trauma to themselves or others.  When we cannot allow our emotions to be openly expressed, we push them down into a dark hiding place and the way the psyche processes this is by creating pain somewhere in the body as a distraction. The purpose of the mind’s method is to create this pain in order to prevent us from feeling the hurtful and unprocessed emotions of the past.  

Repressed anger creates a dragon within us that will produce pain and poor health in your body.  Finding the courage to excavate some of these demons can create a level of quality of health and joy unknown to most people.

Here is an example of Dr. Sarno’s methods:

Barbara had been married several years to the love of her life, Richard. They enjoyed each other’s company very much and spent most of their free time traveling and enjoying time together.  After the birth of their first child, they were forced to radically change their life habits because of the reality of parenting. Somewhere around the first year of chronic lack of sleep, ear infections in the child and all the normal responsibilities that come with child rearing, Barbara started experiencing chronic pain most the time. It started in her knee and sometimes would include a burning in her lower back that prevented her from any strenuous activity and sometimes forced her to stay totally inactive. The visits to regular physicians produced the normal anti-inflammatory prescriptions and diagnostic tests. These tests revealed a modest bulging disc in her back and recommendation for possible surgery.  Despite drugs, the pain remained. What Barbara found odd however was that the pain would move around at times. Sometimes the knee pain would cease but within days another pain would show up somewhere else.   

She made an appointment to see Dr. Sarno. Dr. Sarno made it clear to her that almost all of her pain was from repressed anger and frustration within the subconscious mind. She was totally unable to speak out or admit even to herself that she was deeply angry and resentful because her life changed so drastically because of having a child.  Our society frowns on being truthful with our emotions if we are “good, kind people”.  How dare she speak out or admit that she is just plain mad that she has no time for herself or her husband any longer. When Barbara counseled with Dr. Sarno, it immediately became apparent to her that he was speaking the truth.  

Realizing that all of her physical pains were being produced intentionally by her subconscious for the sole purpose of distracting her from the repressed anger, the pain ceased within days.  This is not an uncommon story and I personally have witnessed dozens of individuals go through the exact repeat as Barbara’s story when they read Dr. Sarno’s books.

Here is an example of Dr. Sarno’s methods:

Dr. Sarno references most of his work on the level of physical pains, however, I believe that repressed emotions may also create many diseases including cancer. Dr. Sarno speaks of this himself in his books. I highly recommend reading The Divided Mind for anyone with chronic pain that desires another approach.



Ed Jones

Ed Jones has been the owner of Nutrition World since 1979. He is totally passionate in regard to his belief in the natural healing capacity of the human body. He has learned under and spent time with many respected experts in the holistic field which include: Dr Joseph Mercola, Jack Lalanne, Richard Passwater, Dr Oz, Dr Tinney, Dr Charles Adams, Dr Bland, Dr Weil, Dr Teitelbaum, Dr Sally Byrd, Ewan Cameron, and many more. Ed received an extensive education in nutrition from the American Health Science University, A.A. from MTSU, elected member of American College of Nutrition, and has attended seminars and trainings throughout the country for decades.

Ed Jones immerses himself in all areas of natural medicine such as herbs, vitamins, aromatherapy, PEMF, Ideal Protein weight loss, nutrition therapy, cleansing and detox, etc. Ed Jones set the unofficial world record for chin ups in 2004 by performing 285 chin ups in 60 minutes.

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