Chattanooga Now Has Holistic Pet Care!

Any of my readers who own and love pets should find great interest in my recent visit to an amazing veterinarian who is opening a practice in Chattanooga unlike any vet office I have ever seen.


Dr. Colleen Smith is opening her new office named “CHAI” which stand for Chattanooga Holistic Animal Institute. Last week I scheduled a tour of her new facility because of my passion for any modalities of healing that focuses on natural, holistic or alternative therapies for preserving health or treating illness. I want to tell you that I was blown away by the things I observed and learned in touring her clinic. Dr Smith has an approach to health very similar to my beliefs, we are given bodies that were designed to heal and our focus should be on supporting this system and always using common sense and natural methods when applicable to assist this healing and to take a cautious approach when using pharmaceutical because of their inherent risks.


The majority of veterinarians in this country are wonderful caring people who are highly trained professionals; however, they share much of the programming and training that almost all medical experts have which is a lack of schooling on holistic aspects of treating illness and without skills, the only option for these health practitioners is prescribing pharmaceuticals.

I know that I fear the overuse of drugs and vaccines for my precious Muffin because in her 10 years of life I have witnessed dozens of times when she would be groomed and within hours of returning home would vomit a yellow substance or if she had multiple vaccines at one time would be hidden under the kitchen table for at least 24 hours with zero appetite. These things happened like clockwork and are not random events and only by investigating on my own the effects of her foods, grooming products, and vet treatments did I come to realize the danger I was exposing her to. It became apparent that it is up to me to search out alternatives that are safer and that is why I am so pleased that we have CHAI opening here.


Dr. Smith not only is highly skilled and trained in all aspects of traditional veterinarian medicine but is an expert in acupuncture, holistic nutrition, veterinary chiropractic, chinese medicine, physical therapy, and all avenues of keeping our pets healthy. CHAI also will offer a grooming area using 100% pure chemical free products from a licensed trained groomer and also a licensed massage therapist for pets. Dr Smith told me she already has a list of clients who desire the “awake dental procedures” which is where your pet is slightly sedated to clean their teeth. The normal method of completely putting a pet under anesthesia has certain inherent risks that many people don’t want for their older pets. CHAI also offers laser therapy for hot spots or stiff injured joints that is 100% safe and Dr. Smith says is extremely effective for injuries or for older dogs and since the treatment is non-intrusive it does not make your pet nervous. One aspect I really thought was fantastic and intelligent was that in each exam room their is no table to put your pet up on. Dr. Smith realized long ago that most pets get nervous being on a table and so she treats and examines ON THE FLOOR! She says the pets are so much more at ease opposed to being up high which to me is so very important. Lastly the building itself is 100% green which means all the materials from the floor to the ceiling will not outgas toxic poisons, does not accumulate bacteria, and it lessens the chance of spreading any infections to other pets in the building.


CHAI is like something you would see in very progressive places like California so we are amazingly fortunate to now have the services of Dr Smith and CHAI.


CHAI will be having an open house and Dr. Smith wanted to invite all Nutrition World clients to attend and view her wonderful facility. The date is Friday, June 22nd 9am-6pm.  There will be prizes, giveaways, and many local animal and vet related vendors.

For more information on CHAI please log onto or you can call at 423-531-8899



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