The Dangers of Prescription Medication

Speaking to so many individuals about health over my almost four decades with Nutrition World has taught me a great deal about health.  I have learned from thousands of stories of others’ journey into illness and mainstream medicine.   The one overwhelming consistent theme of so many of these conversations is the side effects many incurred from prescription drugs.  It is one thing to read statistics and another to hear and see first hand the sometimes devastation created by over prescribing of pharmaceuticals.  

The most consistent sentence I speak at Nutrition World is the following:  The third leading cause of death is properly prescribed and correctly taken pharmaceuticals!  The public seems to be quite unaware of the dangers because of these drugs until it happens to them or a family member.  

Dr Brownstein has just posted this excellent summary that I resonate with totally.  I also must say I am not against all drugs.  They save many lives in acute situations but in chronic disease is where these side effects are most often observed.  

I hope you enjoy this crucial information from Dr Brownstein..

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Ed Jones

Ed Jones has been the owner of Nutrition World since 1979. He is totally passionate in regard to his belief in the natural healing capacity of the human body. He has learned under and spent time with many respected experts in the holistic field which include: Dr Joseph Mercola, Jack Lalanne, Richard Passwater, Dr Oz, Dr Tinney, Dr Charles Adams, Dr Bland, Dr Weil, Dr Teitelbaum, Dr Sally Byrd, Ewan Cameron, and many more. Ed received an extensive education in nutrition from the American Health Science University, A.A. from MTSU, elected member of American College of Nutrition, and has attended seminars and trainings throughout the country for decades.

Ed Jones immerses himself in all areas of natural medicine such as herbs, vitamins, aromatherapy, PEMF, Ideal Protein weight loss, nutrition therapy, cleansing and detox, etc. Ed Jones set the unofficial world record for chin ups in 2004 by performing 285 chin ups in 60 minutes.

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