I am Ed Jones, owner and founder of Nutrition World. I have spent my life passionately involved in helping others in their journey toward holistic and nutritional health.


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The times we live in today demand becoming highly informed consumers in the world of health and disease. Over the past several years, I have witnessed an increased amount of risky advice from health professionals and companies, and I feel it is my duty to maintain a list of my trusted resources. This list is made up of those companies that I have built up a level of trust with and feel confident referring others to them. My list is no guarantee of results or perfection, but I assure you considering this list is a far better option than simply taking a chance without previous knowledge.

Nutrition World continues to expand its heartfelt philosophy of being the “gatekeeper” for your health needs, and I hope this list will be helpful to you and your loved ones.

Educational Resources

You’ll discover the most effective ways to prevent and beat cancer — from 131 of the world’s top experts — that you won’t hear about elsewhere.
Some Say Vaccines are Essential. Some Say They’re Evil. If you have children or grandchildren, you deserve the FACTS to make your own informed choices…

Vital Mind Reset

The 44-day companion course to my NY Times bestseller, A Mind of Your Own. Explore life with enthusiasm, with energy, and without medication. educates, online at your convenience, and within your budget in a similar fashion but with video & text lessons that lead to a hands on “Practical Application” of the information covered.
A Revolutionary 5-Step Treatment Plan for Candida and Recurring Yeast Infections.

Ideal Protein Ebook

Mouth-watering recipes that are 100% compatible with all phases of the Ideal Protein Diet.


Essentia Mattress

These certified organic mattresses are made with our with GOLS (global organic latex standard) latex and are some of the most comfortable latex mattresses on the market.


Vitamix blenders make so much more than smoothies. Explore the possibilities and find the one that fits your life.
The first and only countertop reverse osmosis water purifier that is certified to create bottled quality water from your tap.

Wellness Devices

Sometimes your mind is calm, and sometimes it’s active Muse will guide you to a calm mind.

HeartMath EMWave

Experience science-based technology and programs for taking charge of your life. Proven to help you reduce stress and anxiety by increasing your inner balance and self-security.


Fitbit motivates you to reach your health and fitness goals by tracking your activity, exercise, sleep, weight and more.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is a way to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and certain other conditions by exposure to artificiallight.

Labs and Testing


Is the world’s first sequencing-based clinical microbiome screening test, providing detailed and accurate information to help you understand your gut health.
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ED Wave

Low-Intensity Wave Therapy is perhaps the most promising hope for the large percentage of males who are now suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Natural & Organic Foods

Get 50% off Family Meals from Sun Basket! Fresh organic and sustainable ingredients and kid-friendly recipes delivered!

Paleo Recipe Ebook

372 Recipes in 18 categories. No grains, No legumes, No sugar, No dairy. Just healthy, delicious food.

Shop Bulletproof Coffee

Zunta Bars

ZUNTA is committed to utilizing only the highest quality and cleanest ingredients available anywhere. Ingredients that positively impact your health at an affordable price, and a taste that you will not believe!

Ed’s Reading List

The Paleo Cardiologist

Dr. Wolfson finds the CAUSE of disease with the most in-depth testing in the world. Find out why people from all over the world travel to Arizona to see cardiologist, Dr. Jack Wolfson.

The Divided Mind

The Divided Mind is the crowning achievement of Dr. John E. Sarno’s distinguished career as a groundbreaking medical pioneer, going beyond pain to address the entire spectrum of psychosomatic (mindbody) disorders.

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