Farmers Market Every Saturday!

Can you believe this!  Farmers market will now be at Nutrition World on Saturday’s

I must admit I have a love affair going on in my life with nutritional supplements.  I have estimated I have taken approximately 800,000 pills since I began at 14 years old and I will be 60 on my next birthday.  I have learned the vital importance of supporting the body with science-based quality nutritional products for creating my optimal health.  

However, during all these decades of studying vitamins, I have never one time ignored the almost magic power of consuming truly healthy foods each day.  Vitamin pills DO NOT REPLACE FOODS.  

Nonetheless, when I say healthy foods, I do not mean vegetables grown in Mexico or parts of this country where they were picked weeks before being ripe, sprayed with heavy amounts of pesticides and grown in soils that were depleted from years of over farming.  I also know the unhealthy nature of foods such as eggs from chickens kept in tiny cages that were never allowed to roam free on the ground and dozens of other unhealthy methods of raising our foods.  I can feel the strong trends of the return of farmers who treat the land and animals with respect by utilizing few or no chemicals, picking foods as they ripen and supporting the health of the soil for the long term.

This is why I am ecstatic to announce the opening of Nutrition World’s Farmer Market every Saturday from 11:30 am to 1pm!!!!

For years we have brainstormed on how we can bring locally grown, sustainably harvested fresh and healthy food products to our business. Now we know!  We have carefully handpicked farmers that fit our definition of a philosophy of respect and passion for their trade instead of  simply focusing on profits.  We know it is difficult to trust the source of so much of our foods today, so let us do it for you!

To learn what foods the farmers will be bringing in the coming weeks simply click on the Farmers Market picture and scroll down to, “Get the weekly updates”


Nutrition World can never be a grocery store due to our size limitation but we can be your gatekeeper to protect your health in all areas from vitamins, herbs, cosmetics, clean healthy meats, athletic supplements and now we are finding the local sources of quality fresh grown foods!  We take this job seriously and we encourage everyone to support these hard working and passionate farmers.  



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