Edith N. Cintron


Edith N. Cintron

In addition to being in the banking world for many years, among other things, my focus of late has been health and wellbeing. My nickname is “Nilly”, and this fits my personality, as I am friendly, loving, and fun.

I was born in Puerto Rico into a large family. I moved to Florida at a young age and lived there for 25 years. My son, Jesse, and I came to Tennessee in 2003. Several of my family members had suffered from health problems, so I decided to be proactive and concentrate on taking the best possible care of myself. That is why I was elated when I got the job at Nutrition World, where I could continue my studies and help to educate others, using my bilingual abilities to get the word out to the Hispanic community.

In the past I have received numerous awards for customer service from large corporations such as Cellular One, Washington Mutual, and Modcomp. I currently volunteer at Red Clay State Historical Park, and LaPaz, a nonprofit association that helps the Hispanic community. I enjoy working with people and meeting new people every day. I like to help people with their finances, but even more with their health, so they can live a better life. Life can be hard but if we stay positive and healthy we can manage almost anything!

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