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Circle of Life Family Medicine at Nutrition World!
Circle of Life Family Offers:
  • Hormone Testing
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement
  • Hormone Pellet Insertion.
  • Micronutrient Testing
  • Metabolic Testing
  • GI Functional Profile
  • Vitamin IV’s
  • We offer the Boston Heart Panel, the Cardio IQ, Spectracell, Genova GI Functional Panel, and Diatherix
  • Weight loss, Lipo shot.
  • And much more…
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Dr. Matthew Tinney DO

Dr. Tinney started his career in 1989 when he graduated from Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine.  From there he started his postgraduate training in 1989 and was Board Certified in Family Practice in 1985.

He worked as a family practitioner and ER doctor in Florida until 1997 when he relocated to Chattanooga to work in the ER at Memorial Hospital.  In 2008, he moved on to become the ER director at Rhea County Hospital.

During his 20+ years of ER experience, Dr. Tinney realized that waiting until you’re already sick is not the best approach to wellness.  He felt that it would be better to focus on staying well instead of getting well.  That’s when he became a member of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine.  He went from there to becoming a Fellow and is Boarded in Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr Tinney offers Chattanooga a valuable resource for a partner in the journey to health.  Dr Tinney deeply understands and respects the value of nutrition in building the bodies internal pharmacy to achieve superior health.   

Charity Moses, APRN

Charity Moses is a family nurse practitioner with 8 years of experience in advanced practice. Two years working in asthma and allergy care and 6 years in integrative medicine. She attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Dec. of 2001. At that time, her health care interests led her to work in emergency care for about 8 years.

It was the life changing event of having her sister diagnosed with a stage 3 lymphoma at the age of 25 that sparked her interest in returning to school and working in integrative medicine. So, in January of 2005 she applied for admission to Southern Adventist University’s Graduate program. She finished her Master’s of Science in Nursing in July of 2007 with a concentration in family practice. She enjoys working together with her patients and other members of their health care team to help them achieve their best state of health and wellness.

Charity has realized the importance of viewing the entire body rather than treating separate parts to achieve optimal health.  Charity also has vast experience in balancing thyroid function in patients who have cried out for years about their belief their thyroid was low yet no one listened.  Having a working knowledge of nutrition allows her to focus on helping support the body which empowers health rather than focusing on symptoms only…

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