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The Importance of Green Drinks

I encourage you not to ignore this most important daily health practice! I have been an astute observer of others health for almost 4 decades and  watched tens of thousands of individuals embrace every method imaginable to achieve health.   Despite the best intentions of these people, I observed  many of their methods simply did …


How Improving Your Gut Flora Improves Your Whole Body

By now, you’re probably aware of how important a balanced gut microbiome is to your overall health, but how do you go about optimizing your gut flora? And what steps can you take to protect and nourish your baby’s microbiome, even before and during birth? In this interview, Dr. Robynne Chutkan, a gastroenterologist (a doctor …


The Dangers of Prescription Medication

Speaking to so many individuals about health over my almost four decades with Nutrition World has taught me a great deal about health.  I have learned from thousands of stories of others’ journey into illness and mainstream medicine.   The one overwhelming consistent theme of so many of these conversations is the side effects many incurred …

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Fermentation Fundamentals: Learn the Amazing Benefits of Fermented Foods and How to Easily Create Your Own!


Join the Free Nutrition World Meetup Group!

Join the Free Nutrition World Meetup for Info on Holistic Lectures, Meetings and Movies! Nutrition World began in 1979 with the belief in the amazing capacity of our bodies for self-healing. Removing what inhibits health and offering the body the nutrition and kindness it deserves is what we have as our core mission. Meetup will …


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