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Americans’ bodies have become the landfill for toxic waste Part One

Here I am recently in Atlanta learning from Dr. Robert Silverman in an all day seminar regarding the life-saving protocols to detox our bodies.   Dr. Silverman presented strong evidence pointing toward our own self-destruction if steps are not embraced to lessen toxins within our bodies.   The greatest news is that Dr. Silverman has created …


This is how you lose weight! Game On!

Prefer to listen to this post? We recorded it just for you, below. (If you do not hear volume, make sure the volume is turned up both on your device and on the player below.) In thirty seven years at Nutrition World I can predict like clockwork the number one question at the beginning of the year …


Medicine and Miracles in Mushrooms

The older I become the more intrigued I become by the power of natural remedies to treat and cure diseases.   The bulk of mainstream approaches to illness today is focused far more on symptom relief than curing the actual disorder.   One of the categories of ancient knowledge that has intrigued me for decades has …

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