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Now They are Destroying My Almonds

I have always maintained a mental list of foods that I put in the category of totally healthy. These special foods are the ones I know I can rely on when I can’t find anything else healthy to eat. Almonds have always been one of my most treasured perfect foods… until now. Due to an …


This may be the best defense against the flu…

I have rarely seen an epidemic in my 38 years owning Nutrition World that has equaled the one we are now in with sickness. Dr Mercola’s, (the wisest doctor I know) article on the massive impact of Vitamin D on illness is lifesaving. I encourage everyone to read this and follow his advice. Till next …


Help Calm Anxiety Down With Kava

 Anxiety is a word almost everyone relates to today due to its almost epidemic nature in our society. defines anxiety as “distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune”. In the thousands of years we have lived on earth we embraced danger occasionally and anxiety would naturally develop however that …

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Join the Free Nutrition World Meetup for Info on Holistic Lectures, Meetings and Movies! Nutrition World began in 1979 with the belief in the amazing capacity of our bodies for self-healing. Removing what inhibits health and offering the body the nutrition and kindness it deserves is what we have as our core mission. Meetup will …


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